Andy & Drive Botswana have organized 4 self-drive safaris for us: 2008, 2012, 2017, and this year 2019. Clearly we’ve been very happy with the service and professionalism. The beauty of working with Andy is that you can tailor your trip to your specific time, tastes, and budget. On some trips we’ve done almost all camping and on others we’ve done frequent lodge stays. Andy has traveled the area extensively and has visited most or all of the camps, parks, and lodges he recommends so he’s able to find the right places for you to stay. Most of our trips have been for 30+ days so Andy has reserved well over 100 nights for us and we’ve never had a problem with a reservation.
But, on any extensive, self-drive trip in the wilderness you WILL have other problems. We’ve had equipment failures and medical issues and Andy has always been available to help us out.
I heartily recommend his service.