Upper Zambezi

From its source in the North-Western Province of Zambia, the Zambezi flows into Angola before re-entering Zambia and meandering down to the breathtaking spectacle of the world’s largest waterfall, The Victoria Falls. This section of the river above the falls forms a natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and it is here that the majority of water based activities can be found. While the Zimbabwean banks are home to the Zambezi National Park, the Zambian banks are dotted with lodges blending into the natural landscape. The ideal way to appreciate the beauty of the Upper Zambezi is on a guided canoe trip, during which you can camp overnight on the river banks. Exhilarating wildlife encounters can be experienced as your canoe slips silently past a group of hippos, a crocodile lazing in the sun, or a herd of elephant drinking at the water’s edge.

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Ngonye Falls Campsite

This beautiful, yet basic campsite is a good stop over to explore the Sioma/Ngonye Falls.Lying about 132km north of Katima Mulilo, the main reason for visiting this area of southwest Zambia is for the Ngonye Falls (often referred to as the Sioma Falls) and the Sioma Ngwezi National Park. With…

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