Huntingdon House

Originally the family home built by Maclean Kay in 1928, Huntingdon House exudes a colonial charm and unique character that cannot be recreated. This magnificent house forms the heart of Satemwa Tea Estate and is surrounded by sprawling manicured gardens with secret patios and terraces waiting to be discovered by guests.

As one of Malawi’s first land claims registered in 1874, Satemwa Tea Estate is undoubtedly among the countries most respected and established tea and coffee producers managed and operated by third generation members of the Cathcart Kay family. Chip, one of Maclean Kays sons, and his wife Dawn, live on the estate and Huntingdon?s guests are invited to step back in time and share some of Chips wonderful memories of his family home, discover the multitude of teas exported from the estate, and hear the fascinating history of Satemwa Tea Estate.

The house has been tastefully refurbished to offer 5 unique suites, each individually decorated to reflect the quirks and character of this grand residence. Each area of the house has a story of it?s own from the original children?s nursery to the resident priests quarters and private Chapel. Guests are encouraged to share the colourful history of one of Malawi’s oldest homes while being spoilt by our team of professional staff.

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