Camp Savuti

Camp Savuti has become famous for its exceptional game viewing opportunities. In particular, it is famed for lions that hunt and prey on elephants, which are found in abundance in the area. Award-winning documentaries have been shot in the Savuti area, cementing its reputation as a prime wildlife destination.

Camp Savuti overlooks the dense Savuti marsh area and all 5 of the Meru-style tented rooms have elevated balconies taking advantage of these views. The large, spacious tents are located in such a way that they enjoy privacy and exclusivity. For the adventurous, there are outdoor showers where you can cleanse while enjoy the tranquillity of the African bush.

Guests can enjoy a range of activities from game drives through the Chobe National Park and exploring the fringes of the channel and the marsh. The area is diverse and guests will delight in the superb game viewing on offer. From photography to bird watching and predator sightings, Camp Savuti is the authentic safari gem of the Chobe region.

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Luxury Tent

Camp Savuti is a small, intimate camp consisting of 5 Meru-style tents accommodating a maximum of 10 guests in comfort and style. The tents have been positioned to ensure privacy and a modest level of exclusivity throughout the camp. Each tent sits on a platform, with views over the Savuti Channel. The tents are large and spacious with ensuite facilities and views from the deck.



Camp Savuti preview

A sneak peek of life at Camp Savuti

Elephant activity at a mud wallow

Two bull elephants show a bit of dominance behaviour before indulging in a mudbath

A young lion pride plays in the Savuti Marsh

Watching a pride of lions playing while out on game drive with Camp Savuti.